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A real angry revolver: Sepultura | Chaos A.D.

The story of Sepultura has been always stranger (and more entertaining) than fiction. Just like an impossible climb in full sweat and blood, from third-world obscurity to international stardom.

In the late 1980's and early 90's, in a time of massive upheaval, the Soviet Union had started falling apart with a semi-victory of neoliberalism against almost everything that symbolizes the former three decades, from cultural revolution to the state communism. And all the garbage was left in the periphery of the world: Latin America was seeing a massive crime wave in some nations and the last of its US-backed dictators being deposed in others.

Thrash metal was using up all of its old ideas and looking for new ones, and it was a way of expressing rage, anger and aggression against the system in the periphery of the world. Sepultura had been taking note of all this happening around them and over time their focus had shifted from simple speed and brutality with lyrics about the occult towards slower and more crushing fight-grooves with songs about the much more real horrors of pollution, illness, callous businesses, abusive and corrupt governments, unreliable media, bigotry, and war. 

Chaos A.D. (1993) with its highly political natural ingredients, a bit controversial for the habitat of metal music, was a real answer to the semi-victorious neo-liberalism which was circulating and suffocating the world. Album immediately became Sepultura’s defining work, which still stands as arguably one of the most distinctive moments in heavy metal history. It’s an unprecedented fusion of metal with Latin rhythms; the riffs are prominently undercut with dense layers of ensemble percussion and field recordings of the indigenous Xavante people of Brazil’s interior. 

Album was not only referring explicitly to injustices in Brazil, but also was an indicator of the near future which we live now: from the rise of Biotech to the Slave New World, from harsh capitalist Propaganda to the We Who Are Not As Others. And of course War For Territory. Chaos A.D., with its each song and lyrics, was a real revolver straightened to the world order, and also was a catalog of our current life.

Sepultura | Chaos A.D. | 1993 | Roadrunner Records

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