22 Mart 2017 Çarşamba

Mette Henriette: A sound that takes you to the places in time and space

I like sound. Because, it is invisible. Just like the sand, it finds its way on your skin and takes you to the places in time and space.

One of the first sounds I remember is the sound of the owl. I remember sitting in my grandmother's post-garden, imitating the different owl calls. In fact the second title on the album is the sound of an owl. Perhaps you noticed.

Another sound that I remember vividly is the sound of my father's stereo. I would wake up in the mornings - I was an earlybird - and have breakfast listening to his records. I guess I was a curious kid. I talk to strangers, train my black poodle, bee balm, hunted, fly fished, made perfume from forest flowers. I wrote letters with my communist grandfather and band them with pots and pans on the kitchen floor.

Then I got a saxophone. The saxophone allowed me to paint with sound colours and tell stories with no words. When I picked it up, time disappeared and we were one. All the people I need, all the places I see… The sense, their smells, and flavours and tastes. Every sensory impression and personal expression influence me as a human being and as an artist.

My name is Mette Henriette. Mette means pearl. Henriette is derived from my Sami grandmother. Because of the impression of the indigenous people of Norway, I am the first generation in my family carry this Sami heritage with pride. I'm sure you can hear this in my music.

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